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Surveying Areas with Vegetation

Surveying areas of land covered by thick vegetation can be challenging. This can prevent traditional surveying equipment from being blocked or unable to travel across the land being evaluated. To properly determine the boundaries of this type of area, you will need a qualified vegetation land surveyor in Pasco County, FL.

There are a variety of methods used to survey land covered in trees, bushes, and other plants. One of those methods is LiDAR, where a laser device is flown over the area to assess the land better. Other options require the measurement of the vegetation itself or the types of plants found within the region.

Unlike a standard land survey, a vegetation survey often depicts a rough boundary instead of a strict line. These surveys are useful for botanists, environmentalists, and a variety of other earth-science industries. These maps have a variety of purposes and can help evaluate any changes in the condition of the vegetation over time.

If you are in need of a land surveyor in Pasco County, FL, look no further than the experienced team at Braden Land Surveying. We are available Monday through Friday to help you determine boundary lines, obtain elevation certificates, and more. Contact us today at (727) 224-8758 to schedule a consultation.

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What is Highway Construction Surveying?

When a highway is being constructed, a survey is generally conducted to ensure the project is progressing as and where it should. Once construction is complete, a survey can also be undertaken to dictate an accurate layout of features, facilities, and obstructions around the area.

A construction land surveyor near Hernando County, FL, is often required for this type of job. They will survey the existing terrain to determine the best route and where the least amount of dirt can be moved. The surveyor will also assist engineers in mapping out the best possible routes for the highway. Determining the necessity of a bridge or tunnel is often the most challenging aspect of construction, but a surveyor can help ensure they are located exactly where they need to be.

Once the highway is entirely built, a surveyor can be brought in to assist with road repair, maintenance, or reconstruction after an accident. GPS and 3D mapping technology also play an integral role in these types of surveys, as it provides more accurate geographical information to work from.

If you are in need of a land surveyor near Hernando County, FL, look no further than the experts at Braden Land Surveying. Our experienced team is ready to assist you with a variety of different projects. Contact us today by calling (727) 224-8758.

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What is a Mortgage Survey?

When purchasing a home or business, you want to ensure you investigate the condition of the property you are about to buy. This involves everything from a physical inspection to working with a land surveyor in Pasco County, FL. A mortgage survey is often conducted to investigate the property as a whole, which can inform you of many different potential problems. This will help you determine if the property is worth the investment long-term.

A mortgage survey is conducted to help you determine the boundaries and building opportunities on the land. It will note any setbacks with buildings, sheds, fences, and easements as well as the property’s strong points. Once this survey is completed, you can ensure the structure meets zoning, and building codes for your location and that neighboring properties are not crossing any borders.

Though you may think such a survey is unnecessary, it can provide you with much useful information that you can utilize both now and in the future. At Braden Land Surveying, our team is fully trained to notate every bit of information you need about the land and property you are considering.

When you are in need of a land surveyor in Pasco County, FL, contact the team at Braden Land Surveying. Since 2002, we have been providing residents and business owners with accurate and informative property surveys. Reach out to our team today by calling (727) 224-8758.

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Surveying for Fence Installation

If you are interested in installing a fence around your home or property, it would be wise to enlist the help of a land surveyor in Pasco County, FL. Contacting a professional surveyor will help you accurately determine the perimeter of your property so you can build your fence without overstepping boundaries.

Many homeowners may assume they know the boundaries and will not contact a professional to help. Unfortunately, this can result in a variety of consequences such as wasted money and a lawsuit from your neighbor. Before your fencing crew gets to work, be sure to contact an experienced land surveyor from Braden Land Surveying.

Armed with the proper information on your property boundaries, not only can you build that fence, but you have an up to date record of where your property lies. This can come in handy for future building endeavors, or if a neighboring property builds onto yours unknowingly.

Contact our land surveyor in Pasco County, FL, today to schedule a survey for your property. Since 2002, we have been providing accurate surveys for residential, commercial, and new property builds. We are highly trained and certified to provide you with all of the necessary information to confidently move forward with your project. Reach out to our experts today by calling (727) 224-8758.

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3 Myths about Land Surveying

Land surveying can be a complicated business, and the importance is often overlooked. This results in a variety of myths and misconceptions around the business and why it is needed. If you are second-guessing hiring a land surveyor in Hernando County, FL, read the three myths below to ensure you are as informed as possible about the process.

Myth #1: Neighbors Rarely Interfere with Property Lines

Neighbors arguing property boundaries are more common than you think. It is also possible that you are in fact over the line with your property, or that your initial documents are incorrect or confusing. It is always important to hire a reputable land surveyor to ensure property lines are correctly and officially established before construction.

Myth #2: You Can Build on the Property Line without a Survey

Even though you are almost certain you have your property lines correct, building directly on or up to your property line could have negative consequences if a survey has not been conducted. No matter how sure you are that you know where the lines are, you may have to tear down your hard work if you are in fact building onto a neighboring property.

Myth #3: The Land Has Been Surveyed; You Just Need to Find the Document

If your land has been surveyed in the past, but the document is missing or very old, your safest bet is to have another survey conducted. You want to ensure your property lines are up to date and valid before starting construction to avoid conflict with neighbors.

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How to Handle Conflicting Property Boundaries

When you hire a land surveyor in Pasco County, FL, to help determine property boundaries, a neighboring landowner may have a dispute about conflicting lines. These disputes often happen when the deeds in question have confusing legal descriptions about the property lines. These disputes can also arise due to the negligence of checking documents before beginning construction.

When a boundary survey takes place, the surveyor locates the physical boundaries as described in the deed. Ideally, this step needs to be taken care of long before any construction begins on the site. If a conflict does occur, it is up to your surveyor to determine the cause of confusion for both property boundaries. If a structure has already been built, it is essential to bring the issue to legal attention as soon as possible.

Though your land surveyor in Pasco County, FL, can help you determine the boundary lines, any discrepancies will ultimately need to be handled in court. If you are concerned about such a case occurring, confirm if your surveyor will be willing to testify as a witness before conducting the survey.

At Braden Land Surveying, we offer exceptional boundary surveys to help you determine the true lines of your property. Contact our team today at (727) 224-8758 to schedule service.

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Benefits of Land Surveying

When you hire Braden Land Surveying, you are hiring a company that will gather the maximum amount of data needed for your next residential or commercial construction project. Our land surveyor in Pasco County, FL, has over 30 years of experience working with builders in the community. When you are ready to start your next project, look to our team for the data you need.

Benefits of Hiring a Land Surveyor

A land surveyor in Pasco County, FL, will help you determine if a property is worth purchasing. When you find the perfect location for your home or business, our team will help you ensure the land is fit for your needs.

Our surveyor can also complete a boundary survey, which is useful when subdividing land. This can be great for businesses looking to parcel off the land, as well as families looking to divide the land as an inheritance.

Having the land surveyed is a significant step when planning your construction process. This will help you determine where to put roads, certain building features, plumbing, and more.

If you need the services of a land surveyor for your next project, contact the experts at Braden Land Surveying today. We service residents of New Port Richey, Florida, and the surrounding communities.

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Protect your property rights when you hire our land surveyor in Pasco County, FL. At Braden Land Surveying, we offer exceptional services to help you ensure your property is fit to build or renovate on. We will help you acquire everything from a Boundary survey or Topographic survey to a Site Plan for acquiring the permits to start construction.

Whether you are building a residential or commercial structure, our company will help you plan it out perfectly. There are a variety of benefits to hiring a land surveyor, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed with our team. Put your trust in us to help you get your latest construction project started on the right foot.

With over 30 years of experience, our land surveyor in Pasco County, FL, is available to assist you with your needs. We have built up a reputation of trust and accuracy within the community, and our top priority is providing professional services at affordable prices.

Braden Land Surveying will provide a free quote for your services when you contact us at (727) 224-8758. We are dedicated to providing exceptional services, and you can rely on our survey team for an accurate description of your property.