Surveyor and property owner shaking hands

3 Myths about Land Surveying

Land surveying can be a complicated business, and the importance is often overlooked. This results in a variety of myths and misconceptions around the business and why it is needed. If you are second-guessing hiring a land surveyor in Hernando County, FL, read the three myths below to ensure you are as informed as possible about the process.

Myth #1: Neighbors Rarely Interfere with Property Lines

Neighbors arguing property boundaries are more common than you think. It is also possible that you are in fact over the line with your property, or that your initial documents are incorrect or confusing. It is always important to hire a reputable land surveyor to ensure property lines are correctly and officially established before construction.

Myth #2: You Can Build on the Property Line without a Survey

Even though you are almost certain you have your property lines correct, building directly on or up to your property line could have negative consequences if a survey has not been conducted. No matter how sure you are that you know where the lines are, you may have to tear down your hard work if you are in fact building onto a neighboring property.

Myth #3: The Land Has Been Surveyed; You Just Need to Find the Document

If your land has been surveyed in the past, but the document is missing or very old, your safest bet is to have another survey conducted. You want to ensure your property lines are up to date and valid before starting construction to avoid conflict with neighbors.