A Reliable Residential Land Surveyor in Hernando County, FL

When you have questions about your property boundaries, the team at Braden Land Surveying can supply the answers. We provide surveys for a FEMA Elevation Certificate and can give you legal sketches and descriptions.

Walking the Line for You

If you are purchasing a house or land for building purposes, you should hire a land surveyor in Hernando County, FL. We walk your property lines to establish the boundaries, but we do much more than that. We’ll find the information you need about easement rights, land encroachment, or out-of-date records. When we are finished, we pull this information together to deliver a thorough and accurate survey. You can use reports from survey companies in Pinellas County, FL, as a guide when making plans for your property.

We take our responsibilities to all our customers very seriously, because we know that this information protects your property rights and your investment. Our report includes a neat finished product with easy-to-read drawings that will prove very valuable whether you’re marking your property lines or planning to build a fence. This information will also include conflicts and discrepancies. If you need information about a property survey in Pinellas County, FL, we’re ready to help.

Providing Precise Data for Your FEMA Elevation Certificate

Let us give you the data you need for your FEMA Elevation Certificate. These numbers matter because they are used to determine the cost of flood insurance you need for your property. With more than 30 years of experience, our residential land surveyor in Pasco County, FL, is skilled and experienced in providing this information. What we do is find where your property is located on the Flood Insurance Rate Map, determine the flood zone you are in, and measure the elevation of your home.

Drafting a Sketch & Description

In addition to surveys, we provide legal descriptions and sketches of residential property. This is a document that offers a description of the property and is helpful when cutting out and defining a new parcel of property for sale or pinpointing an easement. Ask Braden Land Surveying for a free quote to draft a sketch and description of your property.

Contact us today for free quotes on surveys, certificates, and sketches for your property. Based in New Port Richey, FL, we proudly serve the surrounding counties.