New Construction Land Surveyor in Pasco County, FL

Surveys are essential to successful building projects. They provide accurate information about the location of buildings and features, as well as the elevation. Look to Braden Land Surveying when you are in need of property survey companies near Pinellas County, FL. Our team provides a host of services vital to your construction project.

Topographic Surveys Detail Elevation & Features

Before buying or developing land, you need to know the basic facts about it. When you are interested in the features and elevation of the land, as opposed to its boundaries, a topographic survey is called for. Our land surveyor in Hernando County, FL, details natural features such as hills and streams, as well as manmade features such as building and fences. Use our free quote form to tell us the specifics of your project.


Control Surveys for Horizontal or Vertical Reference Points

A control survey offers basic points of reference for all other surveys. This type of new construction surveying focuses on either horizontal points in the ground, known as stations, or vertical points known as elevation benchmarks. A high degree of accuracy and precision is required for these surveys. Request a free quote for your building project today from our land surveyor in Pasco County, FL.


Construction Staking Marks the Location of Improvements

Prevent costly mistakes during your building project with the able assistance of our local construction surveyors. We can mark the locations of the building, as well as roads, sidewalks, and other objects. This way, the contractors know precisely where everything should go. We are happy to give you a free quote for construction staking.


Foundation Tie-Ins for Lender Verification

Many of those involved in a building project want to make sure the foundation goes in exactly where it should. With this facet of construction survey planning, our land surveyor in Hernando County, FL, shows where the foundation is located within the boundaries of the property. Often, a lender requires this verification. Request a free quote for a foundation tie-in survey.


As-Built Surveys for Location After Construction

It is as essential to know precisely where the new building and its features are located after construction as it is before. That is why we do as-built surveys that show the location of the building, roads, sidewalks, and belowground improvements post-construction. Reach out to us for a free quote today.


FEMA Elevation Certificates for Flood Insurance

The elevation of the property is especially significant in Florida with its land that hovers just around sea level. The federal government uses the elevation certificate to determine the cost of flood insurance. Let our land surveyor in Pasco County, FL, provide you with a free quote for a FEMA Elevation Certificate you can use to seek the lowest rates possible. Request your free quote today and find out if you can save money on your flood insurance.

Contact us today for information about the types of surveys we conduct for building projects. As one of the best surveying companies in Pinellas County, FL, we proudly serve all of the Tampa Bay areas.