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How to Handle Conflicting Property Boundaries

When you hire a land surveyor in Pasco County, FL, to help determine property boundaries, a neighboring landowner may have a dispute about conflicting lines. These disputes often happen when the deeds in question have confusing legal descriptions about the property lines. These disputes can also arise due to the negligence of checking documents before beginning construction.

When a boundary survey takes place, the surveyor locates the physical boundaries as described in the deed. Ideally, this step needs to be taken care of long before any construction begins on the site. If a conflict does occur, it is up to your surveyor to determine the cause of confusion for both property boundaries. If a structure has already been built, it is essential to bring the issue to legal attention as soon as possible.

Though your land surveyor in Pasco County, FL, can help you determine the boundary lines, any discrepancies will ultimately need to be handled in court. If you are concerned about such a case occurring, confirm if your surveyor will be willing to testify as a witness before conducting the survey.

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