Commercial Property Survey in Pasco County, FL

What you do not know can cost your business a great deal of money. This is especially applicable to property boundaries and land elevation. For a commercial property survey in Pasco County, FL, count on our team at Braden Land Surveying. Our surveying company is known for its expertise and accuracy. We offer free quotes for ALTA/NSPS surveys, boundary surveys, and FEMA Elevation Certificates.

ALTA/NSPS – Trusted Surveys in a Standard Format

Those who buy, sell or develop land require detailed surveys before making final decisions. There is a great deal of money at stake, so accuracy is essential before any of the parties involved sign on the dotted line. With more than 32 years of experience, our commercial land surveyor in Pasco County, FL, is well versed in providing the information you need in a format that is recognized by lenders, title companies, lawyers, and developers. Ask us for a free quote on an ALTA/NSPS survey today.

The ALTA/NSPS is the gold standard of surveys with its standard format that is recognized around the country. As there are so many different parties involved in any commercial land transaction, a property survey in Pinellas County, FL, that garners respect and supplies necessary information is essential. Included in this survey format are crucial elements such as property boundaries, rights-of-way, and easements.

ALTA/NSPS surveys provide information that helps buyers and developers to make wise decisions. Such surveys can bring details to light about issues or restrictions that may validate reasons to proceed with a sale, or – conversely – delay or stop a transaction from going forward.

Defining Property Boundaries Before You Buy

Before you buy or develop land for business reasons, you need to know precisely where the boundaries are. This affects your project, as the boundaries tell you if the area is sufficient for your use. Turn to our land surveyor in Pasco County, FL, for quality service and fair prices. As well as walking the land to determine the physical boundaries, we search records such as titles and deeds and employ technology to reveal the true boundaries. Get a free quote from our company today.

FEMA Elevation Certificate for Flood Insurance

The geography of the State of Florida makes it a necessity to know if the land you are thinking about buying or developing is in a flood zone. The hurricane season pours vast quantities of water onto the land and into the ocean, rivers, and lakes, often causing flooding. Let us provide you with the information you need to obtain flood insurance in a high-risk area with a FEMA Elevation Certificate. Reach out to us for a free quote.

Contact us today to do the surveys your business needs before you buy land or develop property. Based in New Port Richey, Florida, we proudly serve all of Tampa Bay.