Female worker on a highway construction site

What is Highway Construction Surveying?

When a highway is being constructed, a survey is generally conducted to ensure the project is progressing as and where it should. Once construction is complete, a survey can also be undertaken to dictate an accurate layout of features, facilities, and obstructions around the area.

A construction land surveyor near Hernando County, FL, is often required for this type of job. They will survey the existing terrain to determine the best route and where the least amount of dirt can be moved. The surveyor will also assist engineers in mapping out the best possible routes for the highway. Determining the necessity of a bridge or tunnel is often the most challenging aspect of construction, but a surveyor can help ensure they are located exactly where they need to be.

Once the highway is entirely built, a surveyor can be brought in to assist with road repair, maintenance, or reconstruction after an accident. GPS and 3D mapping technology also play an integral role in these types of surveys, as it provides more accurate geographical information to work from.

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