FEMA Elevation Certificate in Pasco County, FL

Whether you own a home or business, you do not want to pay any more insurance than you must. Braden Land Surveying can help. Through our surveying company, you can get a FEMA elevation certificate in Pasco County, FL. This certificate, showing the precise elevation of your property, is used to determine flood insurance rates, especially of concern in high-risk areas.

For more than 32 years, our founder has worked in the field, providing surveys of all types, including the specific survey that FEMA requires. We practice precision and accuracy in our work and deliver quality services at fair prices. Please fill out our form to receive a free quote from our FEMA elevation certificate surveyor.

Is Your Home or Business in a High-Risk Zone?

When you live in Florida, you become familiar with the maps that show flood zones. You likely are familiar with the risk in the zone in which you live, work, and own property.

The government has sent out letters to people who own homes or businesses built before 1975. These owners can be grandfathered into the Flood Insurance Rate maps if they had flood insurance before the new maps and maintained continuous insurance coverage. To do that, you need a flood risk certificate from one of the licensed survey companies near Pinellas County, FL. Reach out to Braden Land Surveying today to conduct an accurate elevation survey.

It is possible new surveys will change the flood zone in which your home or business is located, perhaps resulting in lower insurance premiums. The highest areas of risk are rated with the letters A and V. We can survey your property and let you know the elevation and letter of your property’s flood zone. We then present you with a FEMA elevation certificate in Pinellas County, FL, you can show to your agent.

As a property owner in Florida, this information is of prime importance to you, mainly when your building is found within zones A or Z, which are designated by the government as Special Flood Hazard Areas. There may be instances where the flood map changes, improvements are made to your property, or there is no certificate on file for you. In these cases, ask us for a survey quote to get your current certificate and potentially save you money on insurance costs.

Contact us today for an elevation survey that details which flood zone your property is in and influences your flood insurance rates. Based in New Port Richey, Florida, we proudly serve all of Tampa Bay.