FAQ from our Land Surveyor in Pasco County, FL

Q: What type of survey do I need?
A: The type of property survey in Pasco County, FL, that you need depends greatly on your goals and the type of property you are planning to build on. A residential land survey is for determining the property boundaries of your home or apartment complex. A commercial land survey will help you identify the boundaries and land quality for a business. A new construction survey is required when you are planning to build on an empty plot of land.

Q: Why do I need a survey?
A: Land surveys are essential to responsible land development. Most commonly used to determine boundaries and features, a survey will help you ensure you are not encroaching on your neighbor and that your neighbors’ improvements are not encroaching on your property.

Q: Should I sign a survey affidavit?
A: Survey affidavits are often requested to be signed by the seller of the property. As a seller, you should not sign the affidavit as it shifts the liability from the surveyor to the seller. Should the buyer discover any issues with the survey after closing, their only option is to sue the seller for signing an incorrect affidavit. A new land survey should always be completed by a licensed surveyor to ensure all information is accurate.

Q: How much does a survey cost?
A: The average cost of hiring a land surveyor in Pasco County, FL, is around $400, but many factors determine the cost of a survey. The price varies based on locality and project-specific details, as no property is the same. Land size, terrain, research, and travel time all play a part in determining the final cost.

Q: What is an Elevation Certificate?
A: An elevation certificate shows the exact elevation of your property. It is used to determine flood insurance rates for the property and is especially necessary for high-risk areas.

Q: How much does an Elevation Certificate cost?
A: The average cost most survey companies near Pinellas County, FL, charge for an elevation certificate is around $200 but can be more or less depending on the type of structure and location. By receiving this certificate, you can ensure you are getting the best insurance rates possible, which will save you money long-term.